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The Comfort Group is based in Gauteng, South Africa. We are committed to providing you with the latest green solutions available to control environments in your home, office, warehouse, restaurant, piggery, chicken house or factory ensuring comfortable temperatures at affordable costs. Our approach is one of reducing costs while adding benefits to the bottom line. Install Ceiling Insulation, Heat Reflective Coatings, Waterproofing, Air Conditioning or one of our other solutions to help save your monthly costs and increase comfort living. Our site has been built to cater for the Home Owner, Contractor, Architect and Agricultural, but we can assist with any sector. 

We are a hands-on group and continue to research new and innovative products and ideas for Ceiling Insulation and all our other products that will add value to the group as a whole as well as our client base.  Our products are and will continue to be "environmentally" Eco friendly.  Any product that might be developed or considered from any manufacturer or supplier must have these properties. Our team is here to assist you, let us come assess your premises and offer you the best Eco Friendly Products and Solutions.

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Thermguard Ceiling Insulation

  • This is a product manufactured from recycled newsprint with additives making it: Rot Resistant; Rodent Resistant; Fire Resistant; Lifetime guarantee. Thermguard carries the SABS mark as well as the ISO 9001:2008 approval. Cost-effective and Eco-friendly ceiling insulation, saving you money and making your home comfortable.



SuperCoat Roof Waterproofing

  • Our Specialised Coatings provides quality waterproofing products that can be sprayed, roller, or brush applied. Our unique Roof Waterproofing Boarding System is ideal for flat or low pitch metal roofs with a final coat of High Heat Reflective Coating to reduce expansion and contraction. This will reduce maintenance in the long term and increase comfort.


Evaporative Cooler

Natural Air Conditioning

  • Evaporative cooling is the process by which the temperature of a substance is reduced due to the cooling effect from the evaporation of water and air. The conversion of sensible heat to latent heat causes a decrease in the ambient temperature as water is evaporated providing useful cooling. This cooling effect has been used on various scales from small space cooling to large industrial applications.

Heat Reflective Coatings

High Heat Reflective Coatings

What a cool roof can do for you…

  • Less energy, cooler and more pleasant.
  • For every 5% of added reflectivity, a roof is approximately 15 degrees cooler in direct overhead summer time sunlight.
  • Studies show lower energy demand in buildings; a big positive in South Africa.
  • Lasts longer, because cooler surfaces are less subject to expansion and contraction under severe summer conditions.


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